Posted: 2 years ago By: Camden
Hello and thank you for taking part in the open beta testing! If you're reading this now, you are already part of the action.

Once you have registered, go nuts. Make listings, add comments, upload your avatar, change your avatar, edit your listings, explore. I've temporary lifted the listing approvals for your first 2 listings in case I'm not online when you are creating listings. After those first two, you will see a notice about your listing being in a pending state, at which point they will need to be manually approved by myself to prevent spamming.

If you run across any issues, it would greatly help if you could use the contact link in the footer to send me a message detailing them. Using the following template in your message would help expedite the incoming fixes:
  • Page Accessed:
  • Attempted Action:
  • Error Received:
  • Additional Notes:
Outside of bug reports, I'm happy to hear any input you may have as to features that should be implemented, visual changes that should be made, etc., so please don't be shy about reaching out to me with your impressions of the way things look and flow. Bare in mind that I haven't done too terribly much stylistically, so if something looks like it's unfinished, it likely is, but it's great to keep those unfinished bits in mind too.

Focused Questions

  • How do you feel about the profile of the user reflecting their theme, despite whatever theme you may have set personally?
  • Does the mobile version of the page display everything it should?
  • What categories (server, forum, etc.) should be added to the list of available ones?

Known Issues

  • None (yet)!
I will update this post with any issues that have been noted, as well as any progress towards fixing them.