Posted: 2 years ago By: Camden
First off, thank you so very much to all those who have participated in the beta, and especially to those who reported issues they ran into along the way. Without your support, there are a lot of things that would not be functional, so a huge pat on the back to you all! On a personal note, I've dealt with a lot of things being thrown at me during Covid-19 and having the COH world to turn to, and this project especially, has helped me stay sane during the turmoil that has been, and continues to, unfold.

Now that's out of the way, today I bring you a new feature - guides! Along the same reasoning that COH Directory came into existence, there are many guides out there that are spread throughout multiple websites; it would be nice to have one central location for them to exist, so that's my aim with the new feature.

Adding a guide functions the same way as adding a listing; the same fields will be available that are available for listings, with the exception being that the URL is now optional. If you are maintaining an updated version of a guide you've found elsewhere, I recommend using the URL field to link to the original guide for posterity's sake. Guides undergo the same approval process as listings, with the first two being auto-approved during the beta testing phase, so if you don't see it show up immediately you know why.

Update: I've also added outgoing link tracking so that you can see the number of visits to your site from the listing/guide itself. (They won't count retroactive clicks, so each one will start off at 0.)

If you have any issues with adding/editing/viewing guides, please feel free to comment below and I'll be happy to take a look into the issue(s)!