Posted: 2 years ago By: Camden
Today I come to you with a small, but powerful new feature - ratings!

All members of the site can now rate other users' listings (and guide ratings will be added in the future, should they prove of use). An average rating of 5 stars will give your listing a "featured" status, causing it to glow wherever seen, as well as being featured in a carousel on the front page (soon™). 

For now, it's simply a great way to have your listing(s) featured on the front page, and stand out everywhere they're displayed throughout the site. In the future, I'd love to host a contest of sorts where the highest rated listings are awarded prizes; all ratings are collected per user, so there may be participation awards for those who comment and rate listings too so there's incentive on both sides of the coin. To combat any forced wins, only registered users are able to rate listings and no user can rate a listing of their own.

Ideas for future prizes include: powerleveling services, original COH memorabilia, custom made COH-themed items, in-game currency, choice sets of enhancements, and more!

Please let me know if you run into any issues when using the ratings feature. I'll be sure to post any updates/new functionality where the ratings implementation is concerned.