City Of Heroes: The Sanctuary

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City Of Heroes: The Sanctuary is a free server that uses the latest in OuroDevs version of i24, i24v2i2 with constant updates every week, we are dedicated in following the foot steps of the original developers by continuing their vision in terms of the story while also adding new and exciting content made either by us or by other members.

Our goal is to be as unique and fresh as possible while still maintaining that OG feel when you log in and step in to the boots of a hero...or villain!

- XP Rate: 4.5x
- OuroDev's updated base code V2i2
- Weekly movie nights
- Active and friendly community
- Unique content not found on any other server
- Transparency in what we do
- Warshades have been given some love...finally!
- Lower team numbers to start TF's or iTrials with.
- Our very own vendor named Sanctor in Atlas Park to buy virtually anything from!
- Our very exclusive and dedicated Ingame Ticket Support System that pings GM's and Admins when a ticket has bene sent from in game.
- Active and friendly PvP community, we even have a GM constantly testing specifically in PvP!
- Discord chat integration between the game and Discord!