City of Players

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City of Players hosts tools, programs, images, and all sorts of goodies for your City of Heroes gameplay experience.

Premiere features are:
  • Homecoming Dev Tracker - Displays ALL posts from the Homecoming Devs
  • CoH Modder - Simple to use interface to create, install, and uninstall City of Heroes client-side mods
  • Powers Checker - Allows you to see the raw data of what powers actually do in the game
  • Def File Translator - Converts CoH "Def Files" into an easy to view and export grid
  • The Philotic Knight's Desktop Alpha Field Trainer - an "alpha" alternative to Mids Reborn Hero Designer designed with a unique code based that's intended to work with a planned future Web Field Trainer
  • City of Heroes Mods - A listing of all known City of Heroes client side mods, available for download in one place